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Satori Education Seminar Junkies Anonymous

13 Sep

Contributed by Mel Best (Creative Director) & Anthony Teni (Lead Trainer)
 Satori Education, Fire walking, Arrow Braking, Glass Walking

Satori Education – How can we help you?

We provide you…
Our client with rapid results enabling you to heal and move beyond your life challenges.
We don’t need to know the content of your past experiences which means no more digging up the past and sharing it with a stranger. You’re the only one who needs to know the memories you hold in your mind, we guide you full heartedly by establishing who and what you want and taking you there using well formed language patterns and questions which literally create your new self image as we work together.
Mel Best Satori EducationWe help you… our client to remember who you really are and how much control you actually have over your mind, your body, your behaviours and your health and your life experiences.
We create deep and trusting relationships with all of our clients because we operate from our hearts and everything we offer is with unconditional love in a judgment free environment. We see everyone in their perfection and have a gift of helping people to finally see and embrace that perfection in themselves.
We don’t drag the visits out, which means no ongoing therapy for years on end. We know that you have all the answers you need to overcome your challenges, we simply facilitate you to unlock the trap doors and arrive at those solutions which you decide will work best for you based on the goals you decide you want to achieve for yourself. We don’t give you our opinion unless you ask for it, instead we ask you questions which will trigger your own natural resources and answers which may have been blurred by your problems or influenced by other peoples old advise.
We provide information and guidance strategies through coaching, workshops, educational programs, training seminars, retreats for women, getaways for men, workshops for children and youth and essential information for the parents teachers and leaders who are evolved enough to ensure our youth are supported in an environment that will enable them to flourish.
 Anthony Teni Satori Education Arrow Breaking Fire Walking Glass Walking
We promise genuine support, person to person contact for people who are experiencing difficulty in their lives. We not only educate you on how your unique circumstances are affecting your emotions and behaviours, we also guide you through the turbulence you’re experiencing by offering the above mentioned services.
Our entire suit of short and long programs are designed for you to understand yourself, your real life issues and how the past has played a direct role on your current emotions and behaviours.
Our one on one coaching not only guarantees your accelerated healing process but also ensures you are also educated on how to identify and heal the catalyst for your unique life experience.
We don’t… label people and box their symptoms into pigeon holes and we don’t place labels on people due to generalized symptoms of their presenting problems. We look at each person on a unique basis and operate from within each person’s model of the world based on your beliefs, values, memories, decisions past experiences and future aspirations.
We assist you with simple, fast and powerful strategies for overcoming any problem you may be experiencing. We show you ways to give you back your power by giving you the information you need to join the dots and make sense of how your unresolved past is playing out in your current life challenges.


Lion Heart – “The Power to Be the Man you want to be”

Course Dates: Fri 16th, Sat 17th, Sun 18th Sept
Course Times: Fri 6pm – Sun 4pm
Course Venue: Satori House – Redland Bay, QLD
Course Includes: Accommodation & Meals
Course Investment: $795 (payment plan available)

For more info please call 1300 224 338.

‘Unplug from the Matrix’

WHEN: Saturday 8th October 2011

Cost: $110 per person (payment plan available)
Venue: Satori House – 1 Viola Drive, Redland Bay, Queensland
**Age requirements: Minimum age is 12 with a legal guardian signed consent

How to Register: Registration is easy, complete the registration form by clicking here.
Don’t forget to mention Seminar Junkies Anonymous


Unplug from the Matrix is an 8 hour training which includes a Firewalk, arrow break, glass walk, steel bar bend and board break – This event is predominantly for bringing into your awareness your unconscious fears and overcoming self imposed fear barriers using the cellular activities throughout the day as reference experiences.

COMING SOON Learn more by clicking here.

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