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Secrets of Marketing Experts Exposed!

Marketing Secrets Exposed

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This book takes you up-close and personal with sixteen of the best marketing minds in the country. Collectively they have added billions of dollars to the bottom lines of businesses. Now, in one place, you can discover all of their secrets and tap into the same knowledge that others pay thousands of dollars to learn.



* Specific questions you need to ask to create a powerful marketing plan
* How to build a market-leading brand without having to pay for advertising
* A step-by-step formula to create joint ventures with large multinationals
* The latest tips to become number one on Google and generate serious web traffic
* How to tap into the power of the media and generate loads of free exposure
* Insider tips to receive an endless amount of targeted referrals
* And over 100 other low-cost marketing strategies that really work




Describing himself as a ‘serial entrepreneur’, Andrew has developed an international reputation that has reinforced his six best-selling books. His books are sold in over 40 countries and their popularity has launched him as a keynote speaker and corporate advisor.


In 2001, with Michelle based in Sydney and Jane in Melbourne, the pair created Marketing Angels, a marketing consultancy that develops and implements marketing strategies for small to medium enterprises


With over 500 employees across Australia, William’s hands-on and accountable nature has seen him win contracts with some of Australia’s largest multinational companies including News Limited, Integral Energy, Optus and many more.


As founder and managing director of Jay Abraham Asia Pacific, Marc now promotes the exponential strategies and mindset that allowed him to reach financial independence at age 42.


For more than 20 years, Darren has taught internationally, speaking to and motivating thousands of people in over 14 countries on how to create business, personal and financial success. He owns seven companies in various industries including property, manufacturing, franchising, coaching and publishing.


Margaret’s commitment, and passion for innovative design and creativity, has built a business that thrives on pioneering categories and designs that invoke emotion and stability in any space. The business has grown with an annual compound growth rate of about 40 per cent.

Brett created more courses that taught business owners his copywriting methods and in 2004 he co-created The World Internet Summit, a multimillion-dollar company that is the biggest internet business event in the world, with yearly events all over the globe.


After a year-long stint as a sales representative he founded Giant Promotional Products in 1997. Giant provides promotional products to a wide range of companies in industries as diverse as IT, banking, insurance, finance and automotive.

Over the past seven years, Kerwin has trained over 350 consultants on business development, marketing, sales and peak performance strategies. He has also taught more than 3,000 people across the globe through his seminars and workshops.

Since 1987, Malcolm has worked in the US, Asia and Australia running advertising agencies for Ogilvy & Mather Direct, J Walter Thompson, Euro RSCG Partnership and his own agency, Malcolm Auld Direct (MAD). He is also the principal of The Marketing Campus.

When Sharon bought The Caterers Warehouse, it had no systems in place and no marketing, but within three years it has become a multimillion-dollar business with an online presence serving national and international clients.

Shaun is now the general manager and co-owner of Sure Fire Marketing, one of the fastest-growing internet marketing businesses, which in its first three months experienced a 400 per cent monthly increase in staff numbers.


In 2004, Scott started his own business called The Entrepreneurial Copywriter. Scott is passionate about helping business owners and entrepreneurs make more money from their businesses. He believes that business owners deserve to make as much money as they possibly can.


In March 2002, Tony stepped down as CEO of Uniqueworld to set up a new company, Achievers Group Pty Ltd. Some of his large business clients include, Cisco, Australia Post, Domayne, LG Electronics, Mortgage Choice, Rebel Sport.

Mal went from being an illiterate academic failure to a best-selling author, the buyer and seller of more than 30 businesses and the developer of arguably the largest and highest paying mastermind business mentoring program in the country.


FREE GIFT #1 (Valued at $47.00) Little Know Secrets To Internet Marketing Success – For years Shaun has been building successful businesses both on and offline and during that time he has worked with multi-million dollar public and private companies and, in many cases, been responsible for their success. In this audio you will learn Shaun’s fundamental online marketing principles, which can help you to grow your business sooner and maximise your profits.

FREE GIFT #2 (Valued at $97.00) Squash Lessons For Marketing – In this e-book, you will discover a sports metaphor to simplify exponential marketing strategies to transform you into an entrepreneurial business champion! With dozens of examples, Dr Dussault, an avid A-Grade competitive squash player, uses humour and his in-depth appreciation for the game of squash to extract key distinctions of success that can transform how you see your business playing field.

FREE GIFT #3 (Valued at $29.95) 17 Ways To Achieve Personal Success – Darren Stephens, Chairman of the Mars Venus Global Coaching Network, shares 39 pages of powerful strategies and success secrets. Learn how to unlock the inner secrets to wealth and riches by using your EQ (Emotional Intelligence).

FREE GIFT #4 (Valued at $24.00) The Simple Things Stopping You From Getting What You Want – Have you ever found yourself not following through on your goals and not knowing why? In this exclusive interview, Brett McFall reveals the secrets that made the difference in his life – catapulting him from a $30,000 a year boring office job to a millionaire lifestyle, travelling the world and helping thousands of others to achieve their goals too.

FREE GIFT #5 (Valued at $57.00) Joint Venture Success Made Easy – Over the past seven years, Kerwin Rae has trained over 350 consultants in business development, marketing, sales and peak performance strategies. Now Kerwin will teach you the secret steps behind creating powerful joint ventures and strategic alliances that make money fast.

FREE GIFT #6 (Valued at $14.95) How To Get Suppliers To Pay For Your Marketing – Since purchasing the Caterers Warehouse three years ago, Sharon has turned it into a multimillion-dollar business with an online presence serving national and international clients. Now learn Sharon’s handy points for negotiating with suppliers, including what to ask and how to best present your proposal.

FREE GIFT #7 (Valued at $37.00) Testimonial Gold: How To Get Your Customer To Give You Testimonials That Will Explode Your Business’s Cash Register – In this free report, you will discover how to get cash-pulling testimonials from your customers. It covers the five major reasons why customers don’t buy from you! It also gives two brilliant examples of cash-pulling testimonials plus a copy of a testimonial-generating letter that you can copy, and so much more!

Marketing Secrets Exposed

Click here to get it for ONLY $9.99!

FREE GIFT #8 (Valued at $49.95) A Vision For The Future Workbook – Tony Gattari believes that successful people set goals. In this workbook, which also includes an audio download, you will learn the power of goal setting, vision and having a mission statement for your business and your life. You will also learn how to manage and prioritise your time better.

FREE GIFT #9 (Valued at $49.00) Designing And Delivering A Magnetic Customer Experience – Stuart Gordon from Giant Promotions has made available to you an audio file of an interview with Iven Frangi. Iven is an expert in creating memorable customer experiences, and this audio is sure to increase your knowledge and set you on the right path in terms of customer relations.

FREE GIFT #10 (Valued at $47.00) 46 Action Provoking Money Making and Marketing Ideas from Australia’s Rebellious Master of Cashflow – Mal went from being an illiterate academic failure to a best-selling author and the buyer and seller of more than 30 businesses. Now discover his 46 action provoking money making and marketing ideas for yourself!

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