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Self Care Xpress with Tyler Tolman Seminar Junkies Anonymous

18 Dec

TWO fascinating and fun-filled days where you’ll discover the keys to being vibrantly healthy, finding your passion and leading a disease-free life.

Over the past 5 years Tyler Tolman has been helping people all over the US transform their lives and health using the principles of health and power of Self Care. Now, this is your chance to experience 2 incredible days (a full weekend) with Tyler where you’ll learn:

  • Why people get Cancer, the problem with conventional treatments and what to do about it
  • Why Self Care is the answer to a healthy, happy and disease-free life
  • The significance of whole foods in the human diet for healing and which foods target certain conditions and parts of the body
  • Which foods “Strengthen” and which foods “Enliven”
  • The Protein-myth and how to tell the difference between “First” and “Second” source
  • The difference between “Good” and “Bad” Sugars
  • Why “To Fast” means “To Make Strong” and which fasts to experiment with and when
  • The power of whole food Mono-Dieting
  • How to prepare “Living” Juice through a live juicing demonstration
  • Why Vibrational Healing is so effective in helping to remiss serious disease
  • The Answers to your health-related questions
  • The critical importance of Salt and which types of salt to avoid
  • Special Guests and Demonstrations.. 
  • An in depth review of the 7 Principles of Health and how to incorporate them into your life easily through simple daily rituals…Plus, much, much more!!

Your investment in the Self Care Xpress weekend program includes:

  • A 2 day LIVE bootcamp with Tyler Tolman
  • Work book – personal self care planner
  • Welcome bag of goodies (including salt and essential oil samples)
  • Wholefood snacks and a vegetarian buffet lunches


When you register for Self Care Xpress you’ll also receive a “14 Day Adventure” Pulse pack (valued at $295) absolutely FREE! “Pulse” is the ancient sacred meal that Don Tolman spent 17 years trying to find.  Now it’s being hand-prepared right here in Australia by Tyler Tolman to the EXACT ratios that our ancestors used!  You will experience for yourself the revitalizing, healing and energising effects of eating just Pulse and drinking water.

Click here now to learn more and register.

Crowne Plaza
242 Arden Street
Coogee Beach
March 24, 2011
8:30AM – 6:00PM

Click here now to learn more and register.


The Vines Resort & Country Club
Verdelho Drive
The Vines
Jun 168:30AM – 6:00PM

Click here now to learn more and register.

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