23 Oct

Siimon-ReynoldsOne of Australia’s most respected marketing experts, entrepreneurs and authors, Siimon Reynolds has been awarded countless business awards.
He is not just a teacher, he’s actually a highly successful business person himself.

* Co-founded Photon Group, which in 8 years grew to a staff of 6000, becoming the 15th largest marketing services company in the world. Consisting of 52 companies in 14 countries.
* Has owned and run successful businesses for over 20 years (starting at age 23).
* Has won numerous awards for business excellence, including NSW Young Achiever Of The Year, Career category.
* Has won almost every advertising award in the world for creativity.
* Has been featured on 60 Minutes, Today, Bloomberg and many other TV programs as a high achiever.
* Has personally raised $19 million for his start up ventures.
* Has given keynote speeches on high performance and business excellence to over 60,000 business people.
Siimon also was the opening speaker for the 2010 Ultimate Success Summit. Siimon set the event off with a BANG! Demonstrating that unless you develop the ‘4 characteristics of Success’ your chances of reaching your goals are diminished. Reynolds shared his secrets to cultivating The 4 Characteristics of all Successful People to fulfill our human potential and create a limitless life.
Now after two decades of extraordinary business success, Siimon is devoting the next 20 years of his life to helping others achieve at a high level.
If you are highly ambitious and seek to perform at a world class standard, consider hiring Siimon Reynolds as your personal high performance coach.
Every one of Siimon’s coaching clients agree that the cost of coaching is tiny compared to the enormous financial value they have received.
Siimon knows how to succeed in business, and now you can learn his wisdom direct from the man himself at one of the world’s fastest growing business schools, The Fortune Institute.


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