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What is SJA? Seminar Junkies Anonymous

Firstly, You need to be congratulated for making it this far! So many fellow junkies have simply given up and no-wonder considering all the hype and Whoa-Ha out there!
Being a self-confessed Seminar Junkie you would have come across an overwhelming wave of information about how to improve your life, relationships, health and of course… how to make money!
Whether its’ an eBook, audio product, training course or webinar, it seems like the Internet and seminars are totally saturated with a lot of worthless junk, most which you have to pay some not-so-worthless money for.
You are constantly told about these over-night self-made millionaires that did it all at the click of a button, while you have spent years and countless dollars before finding anything mediocre let alone brilliant.
Each week seems to herald the arrival of the latest Guru and their amazing new product. You hear one speaker after the next pushing the same old stuff! Yes it may have worked for them – years ago. But you can see for yourself that the world we live and work in today is VERY DIFFERENT! It is constantly changing and at rapid rates! Social media has revolutionized the way in which we conduct business on and off-line. Changes to property laws; Superannuation; and the volatility of the share-market, has made it difficult to navigate your way through such dynamic and often unchartered fields.
It is comforting to know that not everyone is a con artist and there are decent products out-there that do and can transform your life, relationships and help you on your path to financial freedom. However, amid the scams and rip-offs it’s very difficult to know who to trust.
Seminar Junkies Anonymous to the rescue!
Even if you have already managed to escape the daily grind or if you are still a slave to the man, it is difficult to find the time to research, or try all the options out there. Seminar Junkies Anonymous is your one-stop-shop: organizing, reviewing and discussing the events, speakers and products.
We’ve all done it! You find something exciting! Something new from a so-called Guru…it’s the NEXT BIG THING and its going to make you filthy rich in no time at all!
A week later…suddenly the system is not quite as simple as they claimed. Or the techniques don’t work quite like they made out. You lose money. You panic. You try again and again…and then one more time! Frustration after frustration. Time after time. But all you get is failure – diminishing your SELF-WORTH and your NET-WORTH rather than the exponential cash-flow they promised with flashing red arrows and excited green circles!
Now you don’t know where to turn to or what to do?
Seminar Junkies Anonymous (SJA) is here to help. This site is a collection of experiences and thoughts. It provides:
• encouragement for those people/products, that have proven themselves to be tried and tested;
• warnings for those who require further scrutiny and;
• opportunities for all, to discuss their insights.
At the end of the day, all we all want is something that works!
Some of you may have already spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars on get-rich-quick products, spiritual saviors and health-farces.
As fellow Seminar Junkies, we know what that feels like. We’ve been there and seen it all! And that is why this site has been developed to enable and empower others to make more educated decisions.
There is NO Lottery Ticket.
SJA knows one thing is for certain other than death and taxes, and that there is NO SUCH THING as effortless profit. No one quick, cheap and easy fix!
But here’s what you need to understand:
You CAN succeed at making a good living on and off-line.
You CAN accomplish your goals.
You CAN have your wildest dreams come true.
You just need the right knowledge and the best tools. Seminar Junkies Anonymous is dedicated to providing an open and honest forum for all to share their experiences and concerns. It actively recommends tools (books, audio, dvds, courses, software, etc.) to make the journey as simple and easy as possible.
I recently came across some wise and relevant words from Joe Vitale.

Seminar Junkies Anonymous only promotes events, speakers and products that they have seen first-hand, or researched and have heard positive reviews from fellow Junkies. SJA is NOT paid to write reviews on behalf of the original promoters and all outside comments, contributions and posted articles are subject to inquiry, to ensure accurate, fair and unbiased information is presented.


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We apologize for any inconvenience while the website is under construction.
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