3 Dec

**Please note this post was originally published as our Video of the Week**
I think I will make this the video of the Month rather than the week as I “like” it so much!
I was sent the following video via Youtube by the creators Hank & Jed and I am really glad I took the time to watch it.
It’s funny, inventive (uniquely original) and I am sure the boys meant it to convey some poignant messages about the world in which we live in today.
Please join n the discussion of my 5 POINTS below – we love to hear your thoughts and experiences!
But first…
Check it out:

Without over analyzing it, as ultimately, its some lighthearted fun – there’s a few points it raised for me:
How our world has changed with the introduction of social media. “Der!” ..You say. But I think it is important to reflect for a moment on this, as we often take the ability to “speak to the whole world” for granted.
The groundswell is now become GLOBAL. Social media has entered the mainstream in every single market to the point that even a deceased Catholic Pope, has his own Facebook page and a dedicated YouTube channel!
If you have been umming and arghing about developing your social media profile – STOP IT! It’s time to embrace it! It’s here to stay and more than that, it’s gone GLOBAL! You ARE talking to the WHOLE WORLD! Whether you want to be or not.
Global connections

Failing to recognize the global nature of your social profile means you will be left behind in the dust.

You need to adapt your social media strategies to a global social world. This means 3 things:
1. You need to choose a social media structure that is best suited for your brand, i.e A single global Facebook page or Twitter account, or specific pages for each country you want to appeal to?
2. You need to establish a processes to share your social content and assets from country to country. Check out tools such as:
Marketer CMS,
or those offered by Hootsuite that help you streamline your social media experience.
3. You need to put the right human resources in place — both centrally to lead your company’s social strategy and asset creation, as well as locally to customize those assets to the particular market, to engage with local customers in local languages; consider their cultural sensitivities and economic circumstances.
HootSuite - Social Media Dashboard

POINT 2. “The booming voices from the sky…”
Maybe I’ve picked up on one of Hank & Jed’s subtle points here or maybe I’m just going too far, but I think the facelessness of the booming voices symbolizes the raging debate over anonymity vs. transparency on the internet.
The creators of Facebook certainly champion full disclosure. Part of their latest pitch to advertisers is that they offer a clean, well-lit space where brands are safe from “anonymous trolls”.
Facebook has gone to great lengths to maintain profile integrity by offering a new FREE commenting tool to web publishers.
Comments on blog posts and news articles are regularly clogged with inane or irrelevant junk. With Facebook’s new system, publishers can link commenters to their social network account and display their profile picture with their real name alongside their posts, rather than avitars or spamitars as I like to call them. ( I personally am in the process of setting this up).
The aim is to “weed out the vitriolic dialogue that anonymity fosters,” says Facebook’s director of engineering, Andrew Bosworth “your identity brings value to the comments”.
There are instances however, where I feel it is important for dissidents, whistle-blowers, Seminar Junkies ;p and patients who want to research their illnesses, to have some anonymity.
Twitter Revolution

source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/creepysleepy/3429118253/

I am sure WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, wishes his profile could have been better protected. And those activist who were arrested after posting cries for revolution might be a bit more partial to greater obscurity, since Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi hired special agents within his security forces to attack protesters who call for political reform and an end to corruption, after recent social media fueled upheavals in Egypt and Tunisia.
You can say what you really think without fear of judgment, ridicule or persecution.

Anonymity breeds authenticity, the values of which we discussed in our post, 2011 Trends, click here to read.
Which leads me to my next point…
Prince Symbol
3. “PANG! PANG!”
In this post-post-modern world it is difficult to find much that is truly original and innovative. As much as I and social media loves Lady GaGa, I have to admit that I think she is the long-lost love child of Micheal Jackson, Madonna and Prince (Sorry, the symbol did not fit but a great example of Branding BTW). A freakish amalgamation of the ultimate pop-royal Ménage à trois combined with all the greatest socio-cultural references (i.e Kermit the Frog) with a Twenty-First century message.
Social Media has bestowed artist (and wanna-bees) with the unprecedented opportunity to exhibit their imaginative works and creative flaire, for all the world to see.
Think of the artists that are there just hanging out waiting to help you with your branding at 99designs, or the Youtube sensations of Susan Boyle, the fake country western singer Michael Lee Austin a.k.a Armand Morin Internet Marketing Master or the kid that begged us to “Leave Britney Alone” who now tours the world with his own fully fledged singing career. WTF?!
The mind boggles at the amazing opportunities the internet and social media provide but sometimes I fear it will get saturated with mind-numbing crap making it difficult to navigate truth from fiction.

I hope I have provided you with some value-filled content if not just some entertainment 🙂
I hope you “like” this 🙂

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