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Speakers Seminar Junkies Anonymous

2010 was the year of the Speaker! Australia hosted some of the best in the world! The likes of Anthony Robbins, Christopher Howard, Deepak Chopra, Tom Hua, Armand Morin, Brett McFall, Dr. John Demartini, Don Tolman & Kerwin Rae just to name a few!
But 2011 is gearing up to be even better! Watch this space!
Click on the names of the biggest in the business to learn more & get your discounted tickets to all their events!

Phil Anderson
Kurek Ashley
Jennie Armato
John Assaraf
Cherie Barber
Andrew Barnett
Travis Bell
Dale Beaumont
Sir. Richard Branson
Brandon Burchard
Rowan Burn
Deepak Chopra
Shaun Clark
Dr. John Demartini
Mike Dooley
Wayne Dyer
Henrik Edberg
T.Harv Eker
Timothy Ferriss
Sandy Forster
Ari Galper
Louise Hay
Benjamin J Harvey
Tom Hua
Paul Hoffman
Christopher Howard
Kristen Howe
Jeff & Kane – Industry ROCKSTARS
Daniel Kertcher
Robert Kiyosaki
Brett McFall
Jamie McIntyre
Pat Mesiti
Armand Morin
Dr. Christiane Northrup
Rick Otton
Allen Pease
Barbara Pease
Bob Proctor
Kerwin Rae
Siimon Reynolds
Anthony Robbins
Dr. Joe Rubino
Paul Scheele
Brad Simkins
Carren Smith
Yaro Starak
George Lee Sye
Don Tolman
Tyler Tolman
Brian Tracy
Doreen Virtue
Dr. Brian Weiss
Stuart Zadel

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Of all the seminars I have ever attended I can’t think of any speaker who was not trying to sell something!
Some speakers are more skilled in the art of selling, while others don’t bother to pretend they’re not.
If I had a dollar for every time I heard…
“You probably think I am going to sell you something…well I don’t like to disappoint my audience!”
…I’d be able to afford that new camera lens I’ve had my eye on!
There are many presenters out there however, that you simply can’t wait to learn from and their packages are as value-packed as their events. Others, have great content but just leave you dangling in the daunting tech-filled Cyberworld, without support. And then, there is the just plain dismal, disappointing, and down-right dodgee!
Seminar Junkies Anonymous (SJA) has been established to ensure there is a transparent, friendly forum for all to share their experiences, thoughts and concerns regarding events, speakers & their packages.
SJA Reviews provide unbiased, balanced opinions based on personal experience. In time we will also introduce a star-rating guide for a quick & easy reference system.
SJA welcomes all comments, testimonials, articles and reviews. We’d love to hear about your experiences, highlights and/or concerns.
Contact seminarjunkiesanon@gmail.com to submit your contribution.