4 May

Paul Scheele and Paul Hoffman have now released three incredible FREE videos in their ‘Success Switch Series’.
If you haven’t seen them yet, you can check them out here:


In each value packed video, you’ll discover easy to follow, scientifically based, exercises, tactics and strategies for flipping ‘On’ your own personal ‘Success Switch’ Permanently!
Did you know that science has recently discovered that you have a Failure Reflex that is most likely impacting every aspect of your life??
To put it simply, The Failure Reflex is simply a term for the series of conscious processes that convince you that failure = pain.
Since the body does not like pain, and since the subconscious cannot distinguish physical pain from emotional or mental pain clearly, the result is tragic:
You accidentally teach yourself to avoid situations that may cause the “pain” of failure…even when you consciously desire that very thing!
But here’s the truth…

This reflex is similar to a physical reflex (i.e Like a ‘knee jerk’, you don’t have control).
There is a simple answer! When you powerfully activate two chemicals in your brain, that are known to help overcome the Failure Reflex, you can take charge and put yourself on a path for ultimate success.
We know that creating specific daily patterns called “success rituals” is one of the critical keys in activating these neurochemicals.
This process is very much like flipping a switch ‘On’ and ‘Off’ every day. Eventually you never have to worry
about your internal switch being ‘Off’, because it becomes set to permanently ‘ON’!

The quick and easy daily success ‘rituals’ you’ll hear about in the videos are specifically designed to create very specific chemical reactions
in your brain that open you up to receive information easier, faster and more powerfully.
They allow you to achieve your goals without that “swimming upstream” feeling so many of us experience when we want to achieve more in our lives.

Did you know that it is scientifically proven that without a Daily Ritual, you have a 70% chance of Failing in achieving your goals and desires!

So make sure you’re in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed and then sit back, relax and get ready to turn ‘On’ your ‘Success Switch’ today!


Here is just a ‘feel’ for the kind of awesome information you’ll have access to when you take advantage of watching our FREE Video Series:
– The science behind your “Success Switch”…AND why most people who want more in life actually have this switch turned ‘OFF’ by total accident!
– How in just a few MINUTES a day, you can keep positive results flowing and PUT your ‘Success Switch’ into the permanent ‘ON’ position!
– You’ll enjoy a short and simple, but very powerful, exercise that will refresh and revitalize your senses (Once you learn this…you will no longer need that morning coffee!)

– Connecting with your inner reservoir of resources can be as easy as riding a bike, but only when you know about this little known brain science that can unlock the door to your success!
– You’ll discover how to identify, and DESTROY, those self sabotaging habits!
– What it takes to move you from status quo to status GO!
– AND MUCH, MUCH More!!!
This is their most powerful scientifically based information being delivered to you for FREEEE, but only for a very limited time!
Do You Desire Greater Wealth, Deeper Happiness, Improved Health AND More Freedom To Live The Life You Truly Desire?
There’s a powerful “switch” in your brain.
It’s a set of neurochemcials in the brain that scientists have uncovered in recent months… one that acts like a power switch…
You now have access to The Success Switch Formula itself, but only for a limited time!
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Paul Hoffman believes this is the most elegantly powerful, scientifically based, system for reaching your goals without that “swimming upstream” feeling so many of us experience when we want to achieve more in our lives.
Just like flipping the lights ‘On’ when you walk into a room.
You can discover what’s included in the program and hear about all the amazing bonuses you get, when you click on this link to register:
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Doing anything else before turning on your real power is a waste of time (like driving a car with the emergency brakes on).
Flip your switch ‘On’, your days will be brighter.
Paul Hoffman
WHO IS PAUL HOFFMAN & PAUL SCHEELE? Click here to find out…

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