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5 pillars Benjamin J Harvey


The 5 Pillars of Purpose with Benjamin J Harvey

Do you want to bring more meaning to each day in your life? I will show you how in one evening.
Do you want to stop wasting time and do what you were born to? The whole world awaits you to do this also.
Do want to find your life’s purpose? In many ways, it’s easier than you think.

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During this evening you WILL NOT learn….
  Vague and impractical information which you can’t use the next day
  Theories that sound great BUT have not been tested with literally thousands of people
  A complex system of steps which is hard to understand and draining to implement
During this evening you WILL learn….
  The 5 pillars of discovering and living on purpose
  3 common misconceptions about your life’s purpose
  Practical ways to make a fortune doing what you love
  Why purpose fuels your true values, mission, goals and literally your life.
  How to bring meaning into everyday activities
  The reasons having an authentic message is the important ingredient of personal success

7 Reasons To Find And Live Your Life On Purpose

1 Unlimited flow of drive and energy – Instead of feeling tired and stressed, your purpose charges you with energy meaning each days is far more enjoyable.
2 Meaning and fulfilment – When you start living a life of purpose, everyday things you see, touch and do come alive with meaning and fulfilment. This experience you get is simply incomparable.
3 Easy Decision Making – You will know what’s in alignment with your purpose which means you can say NO in 2 seconds or say YES and have confidence you made the right decision.
4 Financial Success – Your passion and persistence for doing what you love will ensure you are successful at it.
5 Happiness – When you are doing what you were put here to do, you are HAPPY. Yes, times can get hard, but you will be happy because you are doing what you were designed to do.
6 Self-confidence – When you know who you are in this world and where you are headed, increased well being and confidence are natural symptoms.
7 Inspiring Others – Your friends, family and everybody you connect with will be inspired. They will come to you with questions and you will have the opportunity to help them.

5 pillars Benjamin J Harvey

When is it?

Date: Wednesday, April 11, 2012
Wednesday, October 3, 2012
Registration: 6:30 pm
Start Time: 7:00 pm (sharp)
Finish Time: 9:30pm

Where is it?

Address: Sydney CBD
(Exact address given after enrolling)

The Exchange:
Online Special: $97 $15 (or $20 at the door)
* This includes manual given on the day and the online bonus which is worth $15 on its own

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