9 Nov

Here’s a powerful opportunity to activate your highest gifts, energy and creativity to make a huge impact on the evolution of our world!
It’s through a new 12-week course, The Agents of Conscious Evolution (ACE) Training, with evolutionary pioneer Barbara Marx Hubbard – the woman Deepak Chopra calls THE “voice for conscious evolution in our times.”
Click here to learn all the details now.
The ACE Training is designed to awaken your full gifts, empower you in your vocational calling and give you the skills to propel transformation within yourself and others — in service to co-creating a more beautiful, awake, sustainable and prosperous planet.
It also connects you to a global team that is co-creating an exciting vision for a planetary Birth Day celebration on Dec. 22nd, 2012 to mark the next phase of human evolution.
You can learn more about this through Barbara’s free Birth 2012 teleseminars (including a recent one that featured Neale Donald Walsch, Jean Houston, Jack Canfield, Michael Bernard Beckwith and other top thought leaders) by clicking on this link now.


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