2 May

If you’re hurt from a negative experience,
Feel something is holding you back from realizing your potential,
Wanting to forgive, but you can’t…
If you find that you replay a painful scene in your mind,
Continue to feel the wounds of a broken heart…
Then the shackles of your past may be holding you back.
What is true, is that you can finally let go of these immobilizing events.
Even more, you can experience the powerful sensation of healing and energy, through:
The Freedom Experience
Benjamin J Harvey shares how events in his life held him back. In those darkest moments, he was clinically depressed, on medication and obese. Ben was heavily in debt and he sabotaged any success that had the potential to come his way.
Ben now runs 3 successful companies. He lives his life with purpose and integrity in every single moment. He travels while earning money and when you spend time with Ben you laugh – A LOT!
Ben trains and coaches people all over the world and helps them to discover the freedom that comes from letting go of negative experiences.
The Freedom Experience is a one-day workshop of energy, healing, peace and laughter.
In this jam-packed day, you will experience:
1 Clarity and focus from instantly quietening your mind. You know, the chatter up there that can seem endless at times. You’ll be walked through processes specifically designed to calm even the loudest and relentless of thoughts. For inner peace and balance, it is highly recommended.

2 A deeper understanding of M.O.N.E.Y – My Own Natural Energy Yield. Learn the link between your levels of energy and your level of wealth.
Benjamin J Harvey The Freedom Experience
3 Freedom from clearing emotional blockages for good (both emotionally and logically). Eg. Overcoming anger, hurt and pain from relationships that are no longer physically in your life, but bind you with their energetic force. These negative emotions CAN be overcome and you’ll discover an untapped resource within you that you never even knew you had.

4 Connecting with your heart and speaking freely from that place. A heart that is light with love, will give you a freedom experience that cannot be known with a heart heavy with regret or pain.

5 Confidence through ensuring negative emotions don’t stick to you in future. Insulate yourself from energetic coupling.

6 Healing yourself through a unique healing process, one that you can use again and again well after the workshop and also use to help others.

7 Moving and clearing energy throughout your body for well being and performing at a peak state.

8 Letting go of the past. This is the beginning of an experience that will free you from your history’s restraint. Your life is about living in this present moment and you’ll experience the power of being totally present, right here in the NOW.

9 Power from using etheric energy to create remarkable real-world results.

When is it?
Date: Saturday, May 7
Registration: 9:30am
Start Time: 10:00am (sharp)
Finish Time: 6:00pm
Can’t make the date? That’s ok. Get yourself some Free Stuff here, and we’ll let you know when the next one is!
Where is it?
Address: York Street Conference Centre
Level 2, 99 York St Sydney
The Exchange:
Online Special: $197 $27 (includes GST) + a Heap of BONUSES!


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