16 Aug

What Exactly Are The Healing Codes?

One way to explain what The Healing Codes are is to tell you what they’re not: They’re not chakra healing, nor do they have anything to do with the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Reiki. Neither are they similar to Qi Gong, hands-on healing, pranic healing or spiritual healing.

Rather, we believe The Healing Codes are the only scientific healing modality that …

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> eliminates the root cause of any health condition, whether it be physical, emotional or mental – without the use of drugs, surgery or medical treatments.

> opens the cells of the body and takes them from a “defensive” mode to a “growth” mode, thereby making your body virtually immune to disease

> activates the 3 essential components of healing simultaneously, thereby making health restoration a certainty and not just a possibility.

When you employ the healing codes on yourself or others, the internal stress caused by cellular memories (which are widely acknowledged as the cause of 95% of all diseases, including cancer) completely disappears. And when that internal stress disappears, so does the disease. This has been shown scientifically through the use of Heart Rate Variability (HRV), the only reliable, state-of-the-art medical apparatus for measuring stress in the nervous system.

The Healing Code has nothing to do with any religion, and it works no matter what you believe (like a gardening tool works for anyone who uses it correctly, regardless of beliefs).

Yet because The Healing Code deals with spiritual issues (issues of the spiritual heart), and it deals with energy medicine, people often wonder what kind of spiritual worldview it is based upon.

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