5 Feb

Want To Do Less And Actually Make More Cash?


Join “The Millionaire Maker” Loral Langemeier and Special Guests and learn how the experts stay on top, and make more while doing less.

Have you ever wondered how some entrepreneurs stay one step ahead of the competition?
How easy it is to be able to make more money and still have time to travel, enjoy family and friends, and live a fulfilled life?

The Answer Is Simple… They Have Yes! Energy

If you want to know how to add thousands of dollars more to your bottom line on a consistent basis, come to this free event.
You may have been convinced that reaching your financial freedom day goals is hard. NOT TRUE! It’s not. It does take some learning, some willingness and action on your part, but it’s anything but hard.

You’re Invited To Attend The Power of Yes! Event Absulutely FREE!


Loral-Laingmeire Cash Machine Workshop
An exclusive preview to Loral Langemeier’s “3 Day’s To Cash” where you will get a “YES! Energy Makeover” by bestselling author and International Money Expert Loral Langemeier. Learn how to start changing your life by tapping into your Yes! Energy and easily Create Your Own “Cash Machine”!
**Just for registering, you will get Loral’s “Path to Prosperity” an hour long video to help you prepare for the event. In this video, Loral focuses on how a few simple shifts to your psychology and daily action can make all the difference in your long term success. Completing the video will help you gain the mindset necessary to get the most out of the live event.

Here Is Just A Snapshot Of What You Will Learn At This Exciting FREE Event…

  • The 1 simple question to get more cash in your pocket almost instantly
  • The New Wealth Psychology that consistently turns everyday folks into Millionaires -it’s worked with hundreds of everyday folks so far and you could be next…
  • The 7 Question Quiz to know if your life is really ‘set up’ for financial wealth
  • What you should never do in your home if you really want to be wealthy
  • The 5 mistakes that stop 99% of people becoming Independently Wealthy. Note: These mistakes may be crippling your wealth creation – without you even realising it
  • Loral’s 7 Step proprietary “Millionaire Makeover” System
  • How to turn your existing skills & passions into a cash machine – in as little as 2 hours a week with no money down
  • Discover Loral’s Simple Formula to Double Your Income in One Simple Move (Based on Math not Psychology)
  • How to attract new clients with ‘magnetic marketing’ strategies
  • Why you need a ‘Wealth Building Team’ – Plus who you need on the team…
  • Why you should never be known as a ‘seller’ of something. What to do instead to double or triple your income –with almost zero price resistance
  • Why the ‘save every cent mentality’ will never get you wealthy. Loral discovered this by watching hard working folks who followed this strategy get pummeled in the U.S recession
  • How Loral landed a lucrative Multi-Million Dollar Contract promoting health on oil rigs while in her early 20’s by simply replacing one word in her mind with another. Find out exactly what she did so you can do it too…
  • And much more…


Tuesday February 07, 2012
Hilton on the Park
192 Wellington Parade, Melbourne
7:00PM – 9:30PM
6:30PM Registration

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Wednesday February 08, 2012
Sydney Masonic Centre (SMC) Conference & Function Centre
66 Goulburn Street, Sydney
7:00PM – 9:30PM
6:30PM Registration

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Thursday February 09, 2012
The Sebel Parramatta
350 Church Street, Parramatta
9:00AM – 1:30PM
8:30AM Registration

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Thursday February 09, 2012
Mercure Hotel Brisbane
85-87 North Quay, Brisbane
7:00PM – 9:30PM
6:30PM Registration

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T. Harv Eker

T. Harv Eker
author of the #1 New York Times bestselling book – Secrets of the Millionaire Mind™
“Loral Langemeier’s investment strategies make millionaires – and the best thing is that anyone can use them. Loral’s step-by-step guidance will help readers take control of their financial destiny and create a lifetime of wealth.”

Michael Gerber

Michael GerberAuthor of The E-Myth Revisited
“A resoundingly passionate introduction to the world of entrepreneurship. First rate!”

John Gray

John GrayPh.D., bestselling author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus
“Loral Langemeier’s message is a powerful one. She has helped thousands of people think, act, and invest the way the wealthy do.”


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