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Psycholgy Of Selling

Do You have a product, service or idea that you believe will change people’s lives – for the better.Whether you like the word or not…
Making money from doing what you love,
Or promoting that product or service you believe in,
All involves: SALES.

You do have to LEARN TO SELL.

It’s not about being pushy.
It’s not about being desperate, money-hungry, or acting from fear.

Selling, and therefore Influencing, With Integrity is about:

green-arrow-bullet Persuading yourself or others to take action
green-arrow-bullet Speaking with impact about what you offer to people
green-arrow-bullet Communicating with confidence, or
green-arrow-bullet Expanding your circle of influence by generating more sales

And you know what else…

Influencing others is an everyday part of life.If you’re currently failing to do this to your desired level, then you’re probably missing the right strategy.

Asking for what you want…

Getting things done that involves at least one person
(this includes yourself)…

Getting people to understand where you’re coming from… All involve

Persuasion & Influence.



If you would like to know How To Sell With Integrity, there’s a proven psychology behind it. There is a science to it all.

The result:
I’ve generated over $20 million dollars of sales, negotiated business deals with CEOs, managed teams of up to 60 people, delivered sales training all over the world (to Fortune 500 comapnies and small businesses alike) and personally trained some of the most successful sales consultants in Australia.

I learnt these strategies the long and hard way, starting by knocking on doors doing direct sales. Over 12 years, I must’ve discovered every single insider secret of:

How To Inspire People Into Taking Action When You Present Them With An Idea.

And I’m willing to share my trade secrets with the public in a 2.5 hour evening course.

NOW, You Too, Can Learn The Strategy & Psychology Of Selling


(We can’t promise when the next one will be…)

In this evening of fun, laughter, packed with life-changing information, you’ll learn:


The 7 Secrets To The Strategy & Psychology of Selling

1 The exact strategy to building confidence. Contrary to popular belief, self-assured people aren’t just lucky or born that way. You can actually learn the shortcut tactics to the 4 Areas Of Confidence… (This allows you to walk into a room and have people smell the air of confidence around you).
2 The 4 Proven Steps To Successfully Selling that will make people want to do the things you ask for… Yes, people willingly taking action (and practically throwing themselves at you!) on what you present – Would you like to know what makes someone instantly believe you and take committed action as a result?
3 How To Completely Demolish & Permanently Remove fears of rejection, so that you can ask for what you want in life – without hesitation! The opportunity exists for you to DISCOVER THE FREEDOM of never allowing this debilitating fear to stand in the way of what you seek to achieve… Imagine what it would be like to NEVER BE AFRAID OF REJECTION EVER AGAIN!
4 A very simple technique that makes people think they’ve known you for years within the first 10 minutes of meeting you! How much more effectively could you influence someone if they feel you’re a long-time friend, rather than a stranger? (Note: This goes way beyond rapport building skills.)
5 The secret to getting someone to easily make a decision RIGHT ON THE SPOT, without even having to think about it for a second… Attention: Anyone here have kids, clients, bosses or staff? (Now, how much would it be worth to learn this nice little insider’s tip?)
6 How To Expand Your Level Of Sales To Groups of people so that you can influence not just one or two people… Whether you lead a family, team, organisation, a whole country or even the world – There’s no limit to the extent of your influence.
7 How to Just Know, intuitively, what’s going to happen next in a sales conversation… And always be a step ahead of what the other person’s thinking. Hmmm…

Psycholgy Of Selling

When is it?
Date: May 2nd, 2012
October 31st, 2012
Registration: 6:30 pm
Start Time: 7:00 pm (sharp)
Finish Time: 9:30pm



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