25 Jan

Would you like to know why EFT works and why it’s so effective?

Well Bruce Lipton, a cellular biologist and best selling author, is about to explain to you why he considers EFT to be like “super learning”.

In this fascinating video Bruce will explain to you how your thoughts can make you sick, broke and unhappy, why regular “positive thinking” doesn’t work and how you can use EFT to reprogram your mind to get what you want in life.

You can check it out here:

Bruce Lipton is a cellular biologist who has spent years studying how our thoughts effect us in all areas of life.

His scientific studies are so shocking and revealing and have such wide ranging ramifications that the established communities have gone to great lengths to keep them hidden, especially the medical community.

Bruce Lipton has out-right said that the majority of medical studies done today are inaccurate and misleading and he has the proof to show why.

If you’re ready for some mind blowing information on how your thoughts effect all areas of your life and how you can use EFT to be healthy, wealthy and happy then I highly suggest watching this video:

Here are a few of the things that he discusses:

-Why positive thinking is not enough to change your life (And what he says does work)

-How the unconscious programming you received in childhood is effecting you today (And what you can do about the programs that aren’t serving you)

-The one simple belief that traditional medicine is based on that is 100% false.

This video is guaranteed to be one of the most eye opening videos you’ll see all year.


It has been amazing to see how many qualified and influential people have come out in support of EFT and Merdian Tapping over the last few years. People like Dr. Joseph Mercola, Bob Proctor, Joe Vitale, Cheryl Richardson, and of course Bruce Lipton. Pretty much all of the best and brightest in the personal development world have said they support it.

As Bob Proctor says in the film The Tapping Solution “People are starting to understand themselves as an energy field. And the fact that they can work with it to get the results they want.”

And these experts aren’t just saying they support EFT, they’re saying that they use it on a regular basis and have had results
with it.

If you missed the first video with Jack Canfield on how your past traumas and negative emotions may be keeping you from attracting what you want in life you’ll get access to that video as well when you see this one. Both are very powerful…

Tapping World Summit 2011 - Jack Canfield Video

In the video Jack reveals some really eye opening insights as to why he thinks EFT is so critical to use, especially when working
with the Law of Attraction.

He also explains how he has used EFT in his own life and how he recommends you use it to get exactly what you want in life.

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