16 Jul

Do you think that if you moved to a foreign country where you native tongue is not theirs, with just $100 to your name you would become a self-made multimillionaire?

Tom Hua did.

And he did it in a matter of YEARS not decades.

Known affectionately as the “God-Father” of Internet Marketing, Tom recognized the potential of the Internet, well before most of today’s renowned experts even had an email address.

Google him – I dare you! With over 1,000,000 website search results it would take a lifetime to read them all.

A true pioneer of the Cyber world, Tom created the eBook Reseller Web Site Model, which launched an unparalleled global Internet business that generates over $1.8 Million every year.

Tom, along with his business partner, Brett McFall is the co-creator of the World Internet Summit and the offshoot, World Traffic Summit. Here Tom shares his unique strategies to successfully leverage the power of the Internet to build great personal wealth.

I had the pleasure of meeting Tom at a seminar in Brisbane in April this year. For the God-Father of Internet marketing, he is very approachable, friendly ☺and certainly knows what he is talking about.

I am really looking forward to meeting him again later this month at the World Traffic Summit, where Tom will reveal the core formula to the most powerful traffic generation technique that he has used to speed up his and thousands of client’s online success by up to 10 times!


Sydney, Australia: 24-27 February 2011

Auckland, New Zealand: 19 – 22 May, 2011 – Crowne Plaza

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