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Imagine if you could take advantage of a land investment that offers all these benefits:
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* No need to settle for up to 7, even 10 years. and pay ‘today’s’ prices – in tomorrow’s market. For example, if the land is valued at $200,000 now and has 8% capital growth ($16,000 a year) it would be worth $312,000 in 7 years. So if you could settle for today’s price of $200,000 you would ‘lock in’ a capital gain of $112,000.
* Take advantage of Australia’s soaring capital growth. Land has doubled and even tripled in value every 7-10 years according to data from the Urban Development Institute of Australia. Future population growth ensures this is likely to continue.
Property Insiders Forum
* Save up to $80,850 by not needing to settle for 7-10 years. For example, generally if you buy a $200,000 block of land and down pay $35,000 you would need a $165,000 loan to settle the property. Based on a 7% interest rate you then would pay $11,550 a year in interest. Over 7 years you would pay $80,850. By not needing to settle on the land for 7-10 years you pay $0 and 0% interest for this time – so you save a whopping $80,850.
* 110% Purchase Price Guarantee backed by the developer – This means your investment is almost entirely risk free*.
* Can be done in your super fund*– No need to have the cash handy for the initial deposit (*conditions apply).
* A hassle-free investment – Because you’re investing in Land there’s no need for tenants… real-estate agents… or costly maintenance. You just make a small down payment and let the capital growth happen.
Believe it or not, this sort of affordable investment is now possible. Here’s why…
Because of the buying power of the group they’ve been able to negotiate with some of Australia’s leading developers to pay ‘wholesale’ prices for land – not retail.
They’ve also been able to negotiate very attractive terms –own now, settle later. You could never get this sort of deal through a conventional real estate agent.Pay for a small holding fee for a property….lock in your price today….and then settle in 7-10 years when the market price has increased substantially – without having to pay the developer any more money – while receiving all the profits from the property’s growth….and see what they say!
Rowan Burn

Discover the Risks & Benefits of this New Land Investing Opportunity at the 1 Day Property Insiders Forum…

You’re invited to spend a day with Dr John Demartini’s top Australian facilitator Rowan Burn as he unveils this unique new investment at the 1st ever ‘Global1 Property Insiders Forum’ 1-day event.
Rowan, will talk you through step-by-step:
• The benefits and risks of this investment.
• Where the hottest land pockets and projects are.
• Why land within 20 to 30 km of Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane National C.B.D’s has multiplied in value up to 14.5 times in the past 30 years. And why we believe this trend will continue.
• How you can buy land for $1,000 that could secure your financial future – believe it or not this is possible through the power of win/win joint ventures.
Property Investors Forum
• You will learn how you could get 1 land block FREE for every land block you buy – This new way of buying property could allow you to get a free land block for no extra money by getting the developer to “pre-subdivide” your 1 block into 2. This could almost double the value of your property purchase in one simple move.
• Discover how to get developers to pay your settlement costs including stamp duty, legal fees and all government charges: That’s a 6-8% upfront saving you could not normally get.
• How to get the capital growth from the land – then boost your profits by adding a property to the land and selling it at a retail price (so you get the hefty developer ‘profit’ margin as well).
• How to virtually ensure your property will grow in value by purchasing your land in a “Price Controlled” development.
The standard practice of property developers is to release each stage of their developments at a higher price point. This means even if the overall real estate market is weak, the land prices within a blue chip price controlled project rarely falls in value. That’s because the developers create ‘scarcity of supply’ by only releasing the land bit by bit – according to demand.
NOTE: Capital growth within these ‘price controlled’ projects is almost always higher and more consistent than any other form of property – this makes it a much safer proposition for us investors.
• Learn how to get a developer to pay 100% of all your property’s costs for up to 10 years by extending your settlement date: This means you could get all the benefits of Australian Land’s phenomenal capital growth profits – with only a small outlay of cash from your own pocket. You don’t need to worry about rental headaches or any expenses or upkeep fees. Just buy, hold and wait for the capital gain to happen.
• Discover how you can buy and sell properties – and never pay stamp duty again saving you literally $10,000’s. And we’ll even show you exactly which projects to target to implement this unique strategy.
Who is Rowan Burn?
Rowan is a licensed buyer’s advocate and has helped source property worth over $60 million for clients around Australia. He’s also a property educator and partner in a $24 million property development in Sydney.
Rowans passion is negotiating on behalf of everyday investors so they get the sort of deals that usually only ‘property insiders’ are.
Personally mentored by Dr John Demartini, Rowan’s an accredited facilitator of the Demartini Method and frequently shares the stage at live events with Dr Demartini.

The Property Insider Forum is based on 3 core principles

• Educate – You will discover a totally new way of looking at property. You will learn how to buy, sell and trade property from a ‘wholesale’ perspective – not retail.
• Facilitate – Rowan makes buying and selling properties easy by doing the negotiations and property sourcing for you.
• Introduce – You will be introduced to developers, project managers and International Award Winning Architects behind some of Australia’s landmark developments. All stakeholders in developments – which you could gain access to.
Saturday, 16 April 2011
Registration 8:30am start 9:00am – 5:00pm
Venue: Rydges Melbourne, 186 Exhibition Street
LIMITED FREE TICKETS click here to claim yours.
Saturday, 30 April 2011
Registration 8:30am start 9:00am – 5:00pm
Venue: Swissotel, 66 Market Street, Sydney
LIMITED FREE TICKETS click here to claim yours.
Sunday, 1 May 2011
Registration 8:30am start 9:00am – 5:00pm
Venue: Novotel, 200 Creek Street, Brisbane
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