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Is Twa.lk All TALK? Seminar Junkies Anonymous

18 Jun

Initial sign-up fee (varies $2499 ++) + Monthly fees starting from $99 – $499.

Twa.lk claims to be the “ultimate Social Media networking tool”. The shy creators claim it is a tool to help build client’s online social presence whilst making very easy money.

I first saw this product demonstrated at the Brisbane Global Internet Seminar by Shaun Stenning. I was later surprised to learn that Shaun had been featured in Dale Beaumont’s Marketing Experts Secrets Exposed Book, as I felt Shaun’s presentation of twa.lk was more like a snake-oil peddler’s push than that of a sophisticated marketer.

In the minefield that is the seminar world, often ”when something looks to good to be true, it probably is.”

I go to every event with an open mind. Seminar Junkies Anonymous has to be a little skeptical sometimes though, especially when you are presented with a speaker who cannot answer questions comprehensively and promotes a product that requires minimum effort but promises unbelievable returns.

The twa.lk tool at first sight looks like one of the most advanced Twitter “cash machine” tools available. However, its reliance on such social media and mega online players such as Google that could undermine its ultimate success, is disconcerting. Google changes the rules – all the time – in fact, no-one really even knows what the rules are!..?

twa.lk claims to automatically generate wealth by growing their client’s Twitter network and finding relevant contacts to follow, based on set interests and keywords.

This will apparently create highly targeted lists to then sell linked products and PPC (pay-per-click) advertisements, to monetize the clients sites.

A limitation of course, is that it does rely on the arms-length list to not only click on the link once but then click again on another link or advertisement.

Unfortunately, the social influence required for the client to be paid may erode with the incessant targeting and constant sell.

The creators of twa.lk claim “it really is a set and forget business”, however, the internet is proving time and time again that there is no such thing as a free lunch.

From all accounts the support team is responsive and helpful, but only to a point. One of our fellow Junkies have left some comments about their experience on our FaceBook Discussion Page.

Furthermore, other junkies have told of their individual Twitter accounts being banned due to the twa.lk tool and many have pulled-out of the course due to lack of user-friendliness and lack of confidence in the product. Others are sticking with it for now but have admitted that twa.lk certainly does involve a lot more commitment and time than even hinted by Shaun.

Normally, I would recommend doing what every customer should do before they buy anything and that is Google it! Google is our friend! However, in this case the product is relatively new to the market and may not have had sufficient time for fair review. Seminar Junkies Anonymous can only recommend that all Junkies do your due diligence, learn from others experience and go with your gut feeling!

In time it will be very interesting to see and hear if the undoubtedly ingenious creators of twa.lk can indeed talk the talk or just walk the walk?

Are you or have you been a twa.lker? We’d love to hear from you and learn about your experience. Please leave a comment or email Seminar Junkies Anonymous at:


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