28 May

Ultimate Men's Summit 2011
We are living through one of history’s great transitions – a major shift in social and cultural consciousness where institutions and structures of the past have been turned on their heads.
Men seem to be caught between these two worlds: the old culture for which we’ve been trained, and the emerging culture we have yet to be prepared for.
Our answer is to bring together as many men as possible into deep conversation with experts and each other to engage in this emerging model of 21st Century Masculinity, which builds upon the masculine virtues of the past to create a higher synthesis. These leaders will come together in the largest virtual global gathering for men – all for free – with the Ultimate Men’s Summit.
Join us for the Ultimate Men’s Summit where 75+ experts, authors, luminaries and teachers will share their knowledge and wisdom on 21st Century Masculinity.
Learn from top transformational leaders such as Robert Bly, Sam Keen, Herb Goldberg, Neale Donald Walsch, Dan Millman, Jack Canfield, Andrew Harvey, and more, click here to find out who!
You will:

Discover how 21st Century Masculinity can best serve the world
Learn to partner with women in a new model of relationship
Activate a truly sacred, noble and powerful version of your manhood
Gain a new view of “success as a man” in the emerging culture
Learn from your elders – the men who began the Men’s Movement
Understand your unique psychology as a man
Find out how to stay alive and passionate in your relationships over time
Connect with other inspiring men in small group discussions
And much more…
all empowering you to play your highest role in the great changes ahead of us!

Gain access to powerful sessions on topics such as:
Ultimate Mens Summit free online forum How to Create and Cultivate 21st Century Relationships
Sex: The Most Fun and the Most Trouble We Can Get Into
Five Illusions of Manhood To Get Over – Right Now
Activate Your Purpose and Fulfill Your Mission in the World
Knights Without Armor: The Quest for the Courage to Be Vulnerable
What Women Need to Know about Men, and Secret Truths We Can’t Tell Them
The Paradox of Masculine Power: What Works is Being More Fully Yourself
The Warrior Spirit – An Ancient Imperative for Modern Man
Why Every Man Needs to be Initiated by Other Men – and Where to Go to Find It
Each session not only offers valuable information about masculinity and manhood, but also practical tools and practices you can bring directly into your life – and out into the world.
 Ultimate Men's Summit - Free Online event
Click here now to register for this FREE online event.
Women who want to understand and empower men are also welcome!
When: June 10 – 19, 2011

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