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UNautomate Your Finances Seminar Junkies Anonymous

25 May

Adam Baker 
Adam Baker shares the story of how he and his wife Courtney, found themselves cruising along financially, until the birth of their daughter Milligan, caused them to look closer at their financial situation.
This book, Unautomate your Finances makes you stop and think more about how you spend and otherwise use money. Having to pause before spending, by ensuring that your money isn’t on automatic pilot, increases the amount of thought you have to devote to the spending and helps you control your money.
Unautomate Your Finances
“The Unautomation” theory, helps prioritize your finances in order to simplify them. Unautomate your Finances discusses the sustainable financing: spending less than you earn (or earning more than you spend, if you prefer to look at it in that way). It provides a list of tangible steps for preventing lifestyle inflation, from creating a list of everything you own to selling off half the items on that list.
The power of focus.
Baker emphasizes the importance of not trying to do everything at once, he provides another list of steps, to concentrate your personal finance efforts. Baker says it’s like starting a fire; if you build it up slowly, you’ll have much more success than if you toss a match under a log.
Building up your financial consciousness.
Baker prescribes a self-intervention – being super conscious of your spending habits, opening your eyes to your financial situation, and getting into the personal finance zone. If you allow bad personal spending habits to be automated, it makes them more ingrained in your life.
 brain storming ideas
So what next?
Baker explains how to unautomate your life and take control of your finances back into your own hands. Baker walks you through a brainstorming session to determine what you want out of life, focusing on what you can do TODAY! Consider what you’d do with half your current income, to see how you would cut back on your lifestyle to adapt. Baker then helps you work towards achieving your newly defined goals.
Baker is big on keeping the momentum and putting the unautomation plan you created into effect.
No doubt you have avoided it in the past but Baker advises on the best way to create a budget. This is not just budgeting for the regular monthly expenses, but also for ‘Budget Busters’, large, irregular expenses like Christmas spending or car repairs that can derail your budget if not included somehow. Baker acknowledges that budgets are only good if you stick to them, and so recommends an ‘envelope budgeting’ system as one way to ensure that you do so.
Baker also tackles the challenges of paying off debt with the ‘debt tsunami’ with an unusual approach. Rather than paying off the lowest balance debt or the debt with the highest interest, you allow your emotions to guide you and pay off the most annoying debt first.
Unautomate your Finances is a very easy and entertaining read with plenty of advice on how to do everything suggested in this book, with step by step instructions provided for many of the stages for unautomating your finances. Baker manages to take a typically boring and serious topic and turn it into an inspiring and hilarious read that keeps your attention through his creative writing and a few poignant quotes.
It’s a great introduction to getting your finances and head-space about money back in line. Even if you disagree with some of his approaches, it is definitely worth a read to apply what works for you to help you down-size your life and down-size your debt.
Click here to learn more about Unautomate your Finances or to order your copy.

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