4 Sep


Complimentary Tickets to Prosperity Evening with Pat Mesiti!

I just couldn’t wait to share this news with you…

Thanks to my good friends at Fortune Events, I’ve managed to secure a handful of FREE tickets to Pat Mesiti’s breakthrough prosperity evening coming up in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.


If you’ve been searching for the key that unlocks your true potential – in any area of your life – you just have to be at this special event!





Pat is one of Australia’s most acclaimed and inspirational success mindset speakers and coaches. He helps everyday people shift their success paradigm so that they can create abundance, joy and love in their life.


This compelling evening with Pat Mesiti is full of practical, easy-to-use techniques that will help you get on the path to achieving your wildest dreams.

At this exclusive two-and-a-half hour event, Pat will reveal:

  •   Why your dreams form your greatest realities
  •   Why, what you sow is directly linked to the harvest you reap
  •   Why your investment “vehicle” is not the true thing that drives your financial success
  •   Why your mistakes in life should not be a permanent condition
  •   Why every relationship is like an elevator – it will either bring you up or pull you down
  •   What you should know about your partner that you may not know
  •   Why unforgiveness is the invisible umbilical chord that keeps you linked to a perpetrator
  •   Why ‘success’ without fulfilment = failure…plus much, much more!

Click Here to claim your free tickets to an evening with Pat Mesiti

If you’re totally committed to breaking through to new levels of success, love and abundance in your life, without question, Pat will shine a light for you.

To register for this special event secure your complimentary seat by clicking here.


P.S. The power to change your life is inside of you right now. Sometimes we hit a cross roads and we just need to be shown the way. This fantastic evening with Pat Mesiti could just be the catalyst for the positive change that you’re looking for. Click Here to register now!


Hilton on the Park
192 Wellington Parade
East Melbourne
September 12
6:00PM – 9:00PM
Book Now- Complimentary Tickets by clicking here!

249 Turbot Street – CBD
September 13
6:00PM – 9:00PM
Book Now- Complimentary Tickets by clicking here!


Sheraton on the Park
161 Elizabeth Street – CBD
September 14
6:00PM – 9:00PM
Book Now- Complimentary Tickets by clicking here!


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