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Unplug From the Matrix Seminar Junkies Anonymous

16 Sep



Unplug from the Matrix is an 8 hour training which includes a Firewalk, arrow break, glass walk, steel bar bend and board break – This event is predominantly for bringing into your awareness your unconscious fears and overcoming self imposed fear barriers using the cellular activities throughout the day as reference experiences.

Information presented at this event includes; mind body connection, energy, who you are energetically, how your mind works to program unconscious behaviours and how to unplug from a lifetime of social conditioning in order to free you from limiting boundaries. You will access a more fulfilling reality without the limitation of fear and social conditioning/expectation.


This training is ideal for corporate and family team building – we can take up to 20 participants, couples – for bonding and connection and individuals who simply want to expand in every way. Imagine moving through the fire into new realities and fresh paradigms of thinking and knowing what is possible?

You will learn:


  • How to tap into your limitless potential
  • Where happiness resides and how to tap into it
  • How to recognise and break through your conscious & unconscious fears
  • How to draw upon untapped energy
  • How to increase your energy
  • How to physically break through undesired or sabotaging mindset
  • How to shift your negative thinking to positive and what the benefits are
  • How to improve your immune system function
  • How to improve your health and what your thoughts do to your immune system and body
  • How to gain Clarity, Purpose, Passion and Movement

Discover that your physical boundaries are only as limited as your thinking is. With your mind freed, so is your body as you develop your awareness and begin to recognise your subconscious fears, boundaries and ego; and the role they all play in holding you back.
Understanding yourself and how your mind works is the key to taking charge of your life and your results.
Learn the secret to:


  • Taking control of your thoughts, feeling and behaviours
  • Discover how to easily change problems into experiences for your growth
  • Correct your internal dialogue for empowerment and results.
  • Call on resourceful states in times of need
  • Learn how damaging major negative emotions from the past such as anger, hurt, fear and guilt are if left in our bodies
  • Discover how to tap into a divine power that has all the answers to all your questions

You will discover fascinating truth about the conscious mind, the unconscious mind and the ways in which we sabotage our own personal desires with no conscious awareness.
For those new to the world of energy and spirit you are in for a world of new discovery as you open your mind to the development of your spiritual awareness.
You will discover:


  • How you are an energy being of pure potentiality
  • Learn a method for revealing your life’s true purpose
  • The mystery of an infinite universal energy which is available to you as your most precious resource.


You will learn WHO you truly are and what you are truly capable of!

‘Unplug from the Matrix’

WHEN: Saturday 8th October 2011

Cost: $110 per person (payment plan available)
Venue: Satori House – 1 Viola Drive, Redland Bay, Queensland
**Age requirements: Minimum age is 12 with a legal guardian signed consent

How to Register: Registration is easy complete the registration form by clicking here.

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