2 Jun

Wealth Acceleration Certification Level II
(formerly Master Results Certification)
Christopher Howard and The Academy of Wealth & Achievement

This is the next level of Christopher Howard’s Acceleration Training designed to help you create wealth in all aspects of your life. It is a must-do for anyone wanting to perform at the highest level and create the most rich and fulfilling life and life-style. It is also an absolute must-do for anyone wanting to do high-level coaching or business performance consulting. It takes you deeper into uncovering, working with and changing personal values, attitudes and other the deep subconscious re-programming and thought viruses that determine the level of results you achieve and exactly what you achieve in life.


Sydney: Thu 08 Jul – Mon 12 Jul 2010
Brisbane: Fri 16 Jul – Tue 20 Jul 2010
Melbourne: Sat 24 Jul – Wed 28 Jul 2010

Perth: Thu 12 Aug – Mon 16 Aug 2010

Auckland: Mon 18 Oct – Fri 22 Oct 2010
Sydney: Wed 20 Oct – Sun 24 Oct 2010
Dublin: Sat 23 Oct – Wed 27 Oct 2010

London: Sat 20 Nov – Wed 24 Nov 2010

Coming in 2011
London: Sun 01 May – Sun 01 May 2011
Dublin: Wed 01 Jun – Wed 01 Jun 2011

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