11 Nov

There is one single factor that determines every aspect of your child’s happiness, fulfillment, and success in life including their ability to develop meaningful relationships, make lots of money, be persistent, find confidence and reach all of their dreams – or not!
One man identified this critical factor and has been helping children and adults completely transform their lives for over 20 years by simply changing this one thing that resides in everyone. Now he is teaching people just like you the simple step by step process of helping parents, teachers, coaches and others help children elevate their self-esteem and forever impact their lives for the better.
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You see whether you realize it or not, possessing high self-esteem is so powerful that it will either take your children’s lives to levels never even imagined or its lack can shatter every single dream they’ve ever had.
Luckily my good friend Dr. Joe Rubino realized this truth and began working – what could only be called transformational miracles – with people from all over the world helping kids grow into successful, well-adjusted, happy adults who are capable of achieving wealth, health and positive relationships that will forever enhance their lives. You see, Dr. Joe’s vision is to impact the self-esteem of at least 20 million children. And to realize this dream, he needs your help and partnership.
In the Self-Esteem Elevation for Children Certification course, you will:
* Learn the difference between high self-esteem and high ego
* Discover the origins of low self-esteem and how to support children to overcome challenges
* Learn the one thing that will most effectively build belief and self-confidence in children
* Acquire the antidote to negative self-talk
* Realize the secret to becoming an extraordinary role model for children
* Discover the three keys to healing and completing the painful past
* Uncover the answer to reversing depression and self-pity
* Learn how to support children to discover and develop their gifts and effortless self-confidence
* Be taught the secret to supporting children to live with passion, enthusiasm, and happiness
* Learn the art of visioning and how it can transform a child’s life
* Develop the secret that will turn goal setting from a chore to a pleasure
* Teach children the life-changing tool that will allow them to instantly diffuse their anger, forever free them from depression and turn fear into excitement and positive expectation
* Support children to ensure good grades, operate from commitment, and maximize their success
* Teach children how to maximize their personal effectiveness and be their best
* And much more!
Learn How You Can Earn a Lucrative Income as a Certified Coach in Self-Esteem Elevation for Children and Start Changing Lives!
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