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WARNINGS Seminar Junkies Anonymous

Seminar Junkies Anonymous (SJA) believes it is their duty to report fraudulent activity and to warn fellow Junkies of any event, speaker, program or product that requires further scrutiny.

Unfortunately, there are many con-artists, dodgee programs and scams out there that give internet marketing, personal development, wealth creation, property and share investment a bad name. By tarnishing the seminar industry, they deny so many other people, perhaps those who need it most, access to the abundance of positive information and products, because it arouses suspicion and cynicism.

SJA simply presents what evidence it can through research, discussion and experience for all to consider and even debate.

Please do not allow those who taint their sectors to close your mind. Instead, relish in the freedom of opinion and healthy discussion to allow us all to make more educated decisions when handing over our hard-earned money, and committing our precious time.

SJA welcomes any comments and feedback and encourages you to share your experiences.


Is Twa.lk all TALK?
Seminar Junkies Anonymous Reviews Shaun Stenning’s “Twitter Cash Machine” Twa.lk

Empowernet Advanced Real Estate Mastery
As an avid and successful property developer, I get exceptionally frustrated and disheartened to hear of fellow junkies being taken advantage of in the world of real estate. So although, I have not personally been involved in Empowernet’s Real Estate Mastery, I was very disappointed to find in my research the following stream of comments, and felt obliged to post the link, for all junkies to have the opportunity to learn from others experiences.


We look forward to hearing from you.

JAMIE McINTYRE & The 21st Century Academy.
The are rumors a stir about the legitimacy of Jamie & his Academy. I have personally seen Jamie present and found him personable and genuinely interested in educating others. I have a few friends who have purchased programs and believe they have benefited from the Academy’s support and Jamie’s advice.
In researching Jamie McIntyre I came across the following site:
I highly recommend reading through the articles and as ALWAYS…do your due diligence!
Furthermore, the introductory information to Jamie’s Academy is FREE and so I would recommend simply clicking on the below link and you can make up your own mind!

Christopher Philip Koch High Yield Investment Scheme