2 Jun

The Warrior Spirit
(formerly Performance Revolution)
Christopher Howard’s Academy of Wealth & Achievement

The Warrior Spirit is a powerful metaphor for qualities of courage, responsibility, conviction, commitment and passion that you will develop over this intense multi-day experience. You will learn and develop the power to face any challenge and stand up in the face of any adversity to triumph on a level never thought possible. Whether you want to achieve in only on a personal level or in your business goals or in all aspects of life: business, personal, health, financial wealth, family, connection etc… The Warrior Spirit is your path to ultimate victory and a richness of life that only a few truly live.


Brisbane: Fri 18 Jun – Sun 20 Jun 2010
London: Sat 19 Jun – Mon 21 Jun 2010

Dublin: Fri 02 Jul – Sun 04 Jul 2010

Auckland: Fri 24 Sep – Sun 26 Sep 2010

Hong Kong: 30 Oct – 01 Nov 2010
Sydney: Fri 26 Nov – Sun 28 Nov 2010

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