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ZoeLena Shuster “Zoë” is the President and Founder of Katapult Enterprises.
This lovechild of hippies and granddaughter of millionaires has become a dynamic leader in today’s business world. She is a philanthropist, successful entrepreneur and an enlightened vessel speaking intuitively into the lives of her prestigious clients. This passionate, charismatic individual is a movement to be reckoned with.
As a consultant ZoeLena has facilitated positive change to countless careers, companies, corporations and non-profits. Through her creative branding, marketing, advertising and fundraising concepts, ZoeLena has always been a multi-talented trendsetter.
“Zoë” AKA “The Confidential Coach”, has been advising political, religious and entertainment icons for over 12 years. Her company is known for certifying “Katapult Coaches”, branding via “Get Katapulted“, encouraging people to embrace their OWN definition of success and being a threshold in which people have been able to change their financial landscape.

“My life’s mission continues to grow as my passion is to see Universal Individualism, where each is free to be their authentic self.” ZoeLena.


This force of nature was in the entertainment industry behind the scenes as an agent for over a decade, working with film makers along with multi-platinum artists and producers. With an eye for true talent, a love for the self-development spectrum and a heart for non-profit sectors, she radiates one of her many mantras “Destiny In Action” in many different facets.

With an undeniable allure, “Zoe” has “Katapulted” the most high-end projects, products and people. Never afraid to speak her mind, with keen insight on love, sex and relationships, she has been a guest on many TV/Radio shows, even hosting her own, Zoe and Friends.
After experiencing personal awakening, ZoeLena speaks often about how each of us are to accept people from ALL colors, creeds and cultures, since we ALL are, in fact, inevitably inter-connected.

What ZoeLena’s Exclusive Roster of Clientele Receive:
* Weekly scheduled one-on-one telephone or Skype sessions, lasting 45 minutes to 1 hour.
* Unlimited email support. (Within reason)
* Unlimited text support. (Within reason)
* 24/7 ”on-spot” calls.
5/10 minute pep talk before performance or speaking engagement
Quick advising on a business decision
Immediate consult in regards to love, sex, relationship… etc.
* Advising/Consulting/Coaching on:
Career/Brand/Business/Organization Development
Public Relations
How to Deal With and Utilize the Media
Clarity of Purpose
Social Media
Career Choices
Transitions/Paradigm Shifts
Cutting Edge Leadership
Image Consulting
Vision Mapping
Setting Intentions/Executing Goals
Manifesting via Thought and Visualization

To ensure proper attention to clientele, space is limited. ZoeLena makes a commitment to have only 12 personal clients on her monthly roster.
Access is the greatest gift granted! Join the many iconic business, religious and entertainment leaders, who have experienced greater success through access to ZoeLena… just click here


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